Assistance finding funding

An overview of funding options

Radboudumc offers grants to all level of researchers. To help you, we offer an overview of our grants and some of the available (inter)national grants, as well as some digital tools to help you find a suitable grant.

How do I start finding funding?

There are so many funding options: national and international, fellowships and grants, individual and project based. Wondering where to start?

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How do I start finding funding?

Every year it seems to be more difficult to find funding for research ideas. Due to the variety in types of grants and funding agencies, it is very hard to find one that fits your idea. In order to help you we have made an overview of funding opportunities, subdivided into the level of research you wish to do. This overview is by no means complete but will hopefully get you started in your search.

A few things to keep in mind

  1. Foremost - start on time!
    It can sometimes take six months or more before the entire process is completed. The sooner you start your search, the higher your chances of obtaining funding for your research or for traveling abroad.
  2. You are not the only one to be overwhelmed.  
    The sheer number of grants can make your head spin before you even get started on the application process. How in this sea of options do you find the right one? One that is in the right field, is a geographical fit and offers the right amount you need. Do not panic, everyone starts out feeling this way. Try and remember that the large variety is a blessing as well as a curse. There is a lot but that increases your chances of getting one. If you spend the time finding the right one it can pay out.
  3. Get your thoughts down on paper.
    A good place to start and to narrow down options is to get the basics on paper. Two main issues are:
    • What is your project and field of expertise? Include not just the specifics of what you want to research but also its importance to science and society. Look at it from research funder’s perspective – they want to know what will be gained by giving you or your team their money. So do not just think about the in-depth particulars of your research but also its multidisciplinary and thematical aspects and of course societal impact.
    • What is the money for? Fieldwork. Travel money to visit fellow scientists. Multi-year, or multi-team project. Equipment. Expertise. (…)
  4. Get assistance and contact the Radboudumc funding officers.
    It may feel like everyone else understands this game of fundraising and that might stop you admitting that you are having difficulty tracking down grant money. However, every researcher struggles with this; there are so many options and they would rather spend their time researching. Radboudumc has funding officers to help you, so use their expertise.
    > Contact our Grant Support Office.

Grant Support Officers help researchers find funds

If you are a researcher at Radboudumc and wish to obtain a grant, whether national or international, for your research group or as an individual, we have Grant Support Officers at the Department of Valorization who can help you. There are also open consultancy hours per institute. go to Grant Support Office

International Office helps students find funds

Are you a student at Radboudumc and need help finding or applying to a grant to go abroad? You can contact the International Office to help you. go to International Office for students

Tools for finding funding

  • With Research Professional you cannot only find national funding opportunities but also worldwide funding opportunities open for researchers working in the Netherlands.

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