Radboud Excellence Professorships

The Radboud Excellence Initiative is a joint enterprise of Radboud University and Radboudumc. Researchers who are established in their discipline may be nominated for a Professorship. Prospective members of the Radboud Excellence Initiative must be nominated by an employee of Radboudumc who has either won a prestigious grant or is a member of an esteemed international organization. Nomination and selection of new candidates take place twice a year. Once nominated and selected, Professors may come to Radboudumc to undertake research for a maximum of six months.

Members of the Radboud Excellence Initiative:
  • receive attractive remuneration or prizes
  • are taken care of from the date they are officially selected
  • receive guidance on all practicalities of moving to and living in the Netherlands from the Excellence Hospitality Team while an interesting and fun social program ensures that they receive the most from this once in a lifetime experience
By the end of their stay in the Netherlands, Professors will find themselves part of a tight-knit exclusive community which fosters interdisciplinary academic curiosity.

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Radboud(umc) funded grants

Radboudumc Student budget

Medicine, BMS and MMD students can appeal to the Radboudumc Student budget for a travel grant for study abroad (e.g. research internships).

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Radboudumc Student budget

  • The Radboudumc Studentbudget is a fixed travel subsidy from the faculty with a maximum of € 600 per person for their whole study period at the Radboud University.
  • A student can apply multiple times until the maximum of € 600 has been reached.
  • The amounts used are:
    • For a stay within Europe* € 150 per 4 weeks
    • For a stay outside of Europe € 200 per 4 weeks
  • Each study abroad stay should be a part of your curriculum, last a minimum of 4 weeks and be awarded with a minimum of 5.5 EC.
  • The minimum amount per stay is therefore € 150 and the maximum amount is € 600.
  • No distinctions are made between a stay abroad for the purpose of study, internship or medical elective.
  • If you are eligible for an Erasmus+ grant (for study & internship within Europe, except for Switzerland), you are not eligible for the Radboudumc Studentbudget!
  • Medicine students can also apply for a partial remuneration of mandatory vaccinations and language courses for the “Seniorcoschap” in the Dutch Antilles or the “Coschap Ontwikkelingslanden”.
  • Application forms are available at the StIP and the International Office for students.
  • In addition to the faculty grant you may also be entitled to a Student Life scholarship (if you have not been granted one before). Please visit the websites of Student Life for more information on the application procedure and the application forms.

The Nijmegen University Fund Student Life scholarships

The University Fund supports a wide range of activities by and for students that do not receive government or university funding but that are essential to a student's development. go to RU, Student Life