Radboud(umc) funded grants

Paid PhD positions

Radboudumc offers 12 to 24 paid PhD positions every year. The grants are connected to Principle Investigators from the three research institutes looking for PhD candidates. go to PhD pages

Master-PhD grants

Radboudumc offers its graduating Master’s students the opportunity to perform research as a PhD candidate on a self-written project. There are five grants available every year for the graduates of the following Master's:

  • Molecular Mechanisms of Disease
  • Biomedical Sciences
  • Medicine
  • Dentistry
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Master-PhD grants

MSc students who have ambitions to perform their research as a PhD candidate are called to submit a research pre-proposal for 2018. The application deadline is 11 October 2017, 13.00 hrs.  


  • To promote research careers for excellent MSc graduates within Radboudumc.
  • To attract talented candidate students for the Radboudumc Master's.


  • To provide optimal training and research opportunities, candidates can only apply for a PhD position together with a Radboudumc (junior) Principal Investigator (eligible as of 1st January 2017; with a regular appointment at least 0,5 FTE during the entire PhD project and a (j)PI can only support the application of one candidate).
  • The PhD project should fit and strengthen the applicant’s research theme.
  • Applicants should be current MSc students of Radboudumc starting their Master in September 2016 (MMD and BMS students) of in September 2015 (Medicine and Dentistry students).
  • For 2018 5 positions are available divided as follows:
    One PhD project is earmarked for a MMD‐graduate, one PhD project is earmarked for a BMSgraduate, and one PhD project is earmarked for a Medicine/Dentistry‐graduate. Always under the condition that applicant and provided proposal is of excellent quality. The remaining project(s) will be allocated in an open competition for all Radboudumc MSc students (BMS, Dentistry, Medicine and MMD).
  • The MSc MMD and BMS will advertise this opportunity for MSc‐PhD tracks in their international recruitment.
  • The selected candidates should start their PhD research in the calendar year 2018.

Selection procedure

  • An invitation is sent to MSc students and (j)PIs to prepare a pre‐proposal.
  • Pre‐proposals must be submitted in the correct format, containing details of applicant, CV, details of intended supervisor, title of research idea and a summary of the research idea in max 300 words plus 5 key words. Only pre‐proposals on the correct form are accepted.
  • The selection committee decides which ten (two times the number of PhD grants) projects are selected to write a full research proposal in layman terms, based on the pre‐proposal and curriculum vitae. The selection should contain at least two MMD candidates and two BMS candidates.
  • Interviews are conducted with each of the candidates.
  • The selection committee ranks the projects on the basis of scores for Project description, Originality and innovation, Research work plan, Quality of researcher and Presentation and defence of the proposal.
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Timeline for PhD projects commencing in 2018

  • June 2017: Call for pre‐proposals. (junior)PIs are informed by the Radboudumc Research Board. Students are informed via Ad Valvas and by the Education management teams (OMTs).
  • Wednesday 11 October 2017 (13:00): Deadline for pre‐proposals
  • After 3 November 2017: Decision by selection committee will be communicated to the students: the projects are selected, for which the candidates write a full proposal
  • Friday 1 December 2017 (13:00): Deadline for full proposals
  • Monday 11 December 2017 (13:30‐17:30) Interviews: Candidates present their projects for the
  • selection committee. This is the only opportunity to present the project. Only candidates presenting their projects on this day are eligible for a PhD‐position.
  • After 15 December 2017: Decision by PhD project selection committee will be communicated to the candidates.

Radboud Internationali­sation grants

In order to further develop and strengthen the international character of Radboud University, their Executive Board issues a number of international travel grants and other grants. Master’s students and PhD candidates enrolled at Radboud University can also apply. go to Radboud University (log-in needed)

Travel grants

Each research institute has travel grants available for work-related travel (e.g. conference, work placement) expenses.

Travel to Barcelona RIMLS-IRB

In the context of internationalization RIMLS and the Institute for Research in Biomedicine in Barcelona have agreed to collaborate in each other's research and educational programs and PhD candidates and postdocs of RIMLS might be able visit the institute in Spain.

Project Sint Maartenskliniek and Radboudumc

Both institutions offer a PhD position for conducting joint scientific research. A duo consisting of a Sint Maartenskliniek researcher and a Radboudumc researcher can submit an application to the fund.

Project Rijnstate and Radboudumc

Both institutions offer two PhD positions for conducting joint scientific research. A duo consisting of a Rijnstate researcher and a Radboudumc researcher can submit an application to the fund.

Revolving Research Fund R3Fund

R3Fund is a scholarship program for PhD candidates from low-middle income countries.

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Revolving Research Fund R3Fund

The Radboudumc Revolving Research Fund (R3Fund) is a scholarship program for PhD candidates from low-middle income countries. It is a sandwich construction to perform part of the PhD study in the home country and part in the Netherlands. The total duration of the PhD research is maximally 4 years and the PhD defence at the Radboudumc should take place within 1 year. Maximal funding from the R3Fund is €70.000.

The R3Fund offers at least two PhD positions every year.

The upcoming deadline for submitting a proposal is set on 1 March.