Research Academic and scientific training (Junior) Principal investigators

(j)PI predicate

The Executive Board awards the title of Junior Principal Investigator (jPI) or Principal Investigator (PI) to excellent researchers who undertake a leading role in research.

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(j)PI predicate

(j)PI predicate
The Pl system has been established in 2008 to identify and support our best (upcoming) research leaders. Over the years, the system, based on strict criteria, has shown to be a useful instrument to identify successful and independent research leaders.

Research leadership will, even more prominently, be regarded as the leading criterion in upcoming rounds and is reflected by the (j)Pl group performance (to be explained in a narrative), which is mainly substantiated by performances on "impact" (societal impact and international esteem). The quantitative criteria are regarded as supportive to the application and ultimately used as additional argumentation to carry the decision to award the (junior) Pl predicate. Researchers may apply on an annual basis for the (j)PI predicate and bonus, which are then held for a period of five years.

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More information about calls, criteria and application forms can be found on the intranet page '(junior) Principal Investigators'. go to intranet page (login needed)