Registration checklist for starting your PhD

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We hope you have an enjoyable and scientifically productive time. Starting your PhD may be a little daunting, especially in a large organization such as Radboudumc. To help you on your way, please go through the information in the timeline.

Radboudumc training regulation

as set forth in Article 17.4 UMC of the CLA for researchers in training

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Radboudumc training regulation

March 2016

as set forth in Article 17.4 UMC of the CLA for researchers in training

  • ln this regulation, the terms below shall be defined as follows:

    1. Radboud university medical center: the university medical center that operates as an independent subsidiary (without legal personality) of Stichting Katholieke Universiteit (SKU) in Nijmegen.
    2. Director: the director of the Radboud university medical center's research institute with which the Graduate School is affiliated.
    3. Training and Supervision Committee: the Training and Supervision Committee referred to in Article 5 of this regulation.
    4. Researcher in training: the employee seeking to obtain a doctorate and employed to this end by Radboud university medical center, as described in Article !7 .3 (2) of the university medical center's CLA.
    5. Doctoral thesis supervisor a professor or professors appointed to play a supervisory role, pursuant to the Doctorate Regulations of Radboud University.
    6. Doctorol thesis co-supervisor: an individual holding a doctoral degree who is involved in the preparation of a dissertation, pursuant to Article 6 of Radboud University's Doctoral Degree Regulations.
    7. Daily supervisor a postdoctoral researcher tasked with supervising the researcher in training on a daily basis. This may be the doctoral thesis (co)-supervisor .
    8. Mentor: the individual with whom the researcher in training can consult for questions about non-content aspects of the training.

Radboud University

PhD candidates at Radboudumc graduate within Radboud University. It is therefore also wise to read the information on their website.

Funding and support

Are you a student or researcher at Radboudumc and do you wish to obtain a grant, national or international, for your research group or as an individual? To help you get started, we offer an overview of some of the available grants including some funded by Radboudumc.

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Scientific integrity

Radboudumc believes scientific integrity is the basis of science itself. Therefore, please read about scietific integrity at Radboudumc before beginning your PhD. There is also a mandatory course on scientific integrity.

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Surviving your PhD

To help you along, you can read the book 'Mastering Your PhD'.

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