End of contract

Four months before the end of your contract you can contact the career advisors of the Radboudumc for support in finding a new job. This advice is free of charge.
We can support you with:
  • Application letter
  • Resume (CV)
  • Networking
  • Use of Social Media
  • Application conversation
Contact: mobiliteitsadvies@radboudumc.nl 
You will receive a reply within 2 weeks for an appointment.  
Mobility officers:
  • Monique Kropman
  • Shira Hurenkamp
  • Gerda Nachtegaal


In general, postdocs are clinical or fundamental researchers holding a PhD with a temporary contract. The vision of Radboudumc is to train junior researchers who have the intrinsic ambition to have a significant impact on healthcare and become highly qualified independent scientists.

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Postdocs are offered a tailor-made program to meet their specific research and career perspectives. Radboudumc and its research institutes, as well as Radboud University organize a number of dedicated courses, workshops and other activities which are specifically of interest for postdocs. Be aware, most of the courses offered within our graduate schools and Radboud University are also open for postdocs.

A selection of course topics to give you an idea of what we offer our postdocs:
  • Career coaching and development
  • Ethics and integrity
  • Grant writing
  • Introduction for new employees
  • Mentoring
  • The Galilei track for excellent researchers
  • Technology transfer and entrepreneurship
  • Language
  • Competences & transferable skills
  • Academic writing
  • Research data management

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Radboud Postdoc Initiative

The Radboud Postdoc Initiative is a source of information regarding postdoc-related issues. In addition it creates a platform to facilitate discussions amongst postdocs and promotes local collaboration and networking opportunities.

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Galilei Track

This 3.5-year program is aimed at excellent postdocs (clinical and non-clinical) who want to create their own niche in research, education and healthcare. The program supports postdocs and helps them find the right balance between professional and personal development. read more

(Junior) Principal investigators

Prominent researchers and lecturers who play a leading role in higher education or the degree programs offered at Radboudumc can be appointed as principal investigators (PI), principal lecturers (PL) or junior PIs or PLs. This designation remains valid for a period of three years. read more

Funding and support

Are you a researcher at Radboudumc and do you wish to obtain a grant, national or international, for your research group or as an individual? To help you get started, we offer an overview of some of the available grants including some funded by Radboudumc. see overview

About scientific training at Radboud university medical center

If you want your research to have a significant impact on healthcare, Radboudumc is a great place to be. Patients and their quality of life are of utmost importance to us and all of our efforts are focused on improvement and innovation.

why come here?

About scientific training at Radboud university medical center

Why do research at the Radboudumc?

  • A combination of life sciences, health sciences and clinical practice, with an impressive infrastructure comprising of three research institutes and cutting edge technology centers.
  • An environment focused on cross-disciplinary research divided into research themes where the main aim is to achieve relevant translations to care and cure solutions and so have a significant impact on healthcare.
  • Researchers at all levels are given a tailored-made program that includes individual coaching.
  • Plenty of opportunities to further develop your professional competencies by means of  three talent management programs (Da Vinci, Galilei and Hypatia) as well as extra courses in a variety of disciplines.
  • A joint campus with Radboud University, strengthening its position as a research and learning facility.
  • PhD and postdoc salaries are higher compared to many other European countries and the USA
  • Support in finding accommodation and requesting work and resident permits.
  • Advantageous terms and conditions of employment

Why live in Nijmegen?

  • An internationally orientated city with international airports nearby.
  • Ideally centered with cities as Amsterdam, Brussels and Dusseldorf just a few hours’ drive away.
  • Scenic surrounding with the city located beside the river Waal en surrounded by a diverse landscape. 
  • The oldest city of the Netherlands with many social and cultural activities.
  • Excellent public transport and safe bike paths.
  • Holds international sports events such as the International Four Days Marches, the Zevenheuvelen Run, Marieken Run.  

 Why work in the Netherlands?

  • Dutch scientific research is rated disproportionately high internationally.
  • Most people can speak good English, making it easier to communicate.
  • Reduction in tax for immigrants with specialized knowledge. Subject to conditions, candidates can apply for ‘Expatriate status’, sometimes known as ‘the 30% rule’ where the first 30% of your gross income is tax-free.
  • Subject to conditions, 40% tax reduction on mortgage interest rates when buying a house. 
  • In nearly all situations, the partner is also allowed to work in the Netherlands.

End of contract

Four months before the end of your contract you can contact the career advisors of the Radboudumc for support in finding a new job. This advice is free of charge.

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