Striving for excellence in healthcare, research and education

Talent Management is all about talent: the rising stars at PhD, postdoc and young group leader levels. With cognitive excellence as a prerequisite condition, ambition, guts and a surplus of energy and resilience, talented academic professionals surprise and redefine limits. Real talents are not only outstanding in their professional field, but are also social and compassionate, and want to connect with their surroundings.

It is crucial that we all share the same definition of what a ‘talent’ is. We identify three aspects that together make up this definition.

  1. Professional capital
    Cognitive (academic) excellence is a necessary precondition and becomes apparent from work experience and objective criteria like publications, citations, awards, subsidies and other forms of professional recognition. A talent performs better and develops faster than others in their area do. In a broader context, a talent displays vision, intuitive insights into complex connections.
  2. Individual capital
    Talents distinguish themselves from others with their personality, behavior, ambition and drive. A talent stands out in terms of guts, pro-activity, and a surplus of energy. In addition, resilience, creativity and a focus on continued learning are crucial to excel in science.
  3. Social capital
    Talents are social creatures who seek to connect to and collaborate with their surroundings, and look and work beyond boundaries. Talents show an entrepreneurial spirit and actively build up and use networks, always on the look-out for possibilities and opportunities.

Striving for excellence in healthcare, research and education

Radboudumc strives for excellence. That’s why we offer the most-talented people in their fields of expertise three talent programs. We give them room to develop so they can make a difference. We also give them opportunities to collaborate in teams and further develop their leadership skills.

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Talent programs

Radboud Galilei Track for postdocs

This 3.5-year program is aimed at excellent postdocs (clinical and non-clinical) who want to create their own niche in research, education and healthcare.

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Radboudumc Hypatia Track and Grants for research group leaders

This one-year program guides talents towards becoming successful research group leaders.

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Talent Board

This board selects top talents for the various programs, are responsible for making substantive choices and plays a central role in the implementation and evaluation of the various initiatives. The board consists of an eminent group of people providing direction to our talent management.