For postdocs

This 3.5-year program is aimed at excellent postdocs (clinical and non-clinical) who want to create their own niche in research, education and healthcare. The program supports postdocs and helps them find the right balance between professional and personal development.

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For postdocs

Content of Radboud Galilei Track

In the 3.5-year Radboud Galilei Track, talents are challenged to actively shape the program themselves, within a clear framework and with clear goals, in order to customize it perfectly to fit  their own needs. The talents are asked to do this both individually and in cooperation with the other participants. In other words, talents become the owners and navigators of their own learning processes.

The program alternates between trainings, master classes and peer learning, while an online community ensures consistency between meetings. Recurring themes include management, self-management, communication, personal branding and entrepreneurship.

Personal guidance

  • Every talent is guided by a Talent Manager with whom they discuss their experiences in the program and their learning points in personal development. In this way, talents are challenged to further shape their personal growth.
  • In addition, every talent has a mentor, a senior scientist from another discipline, from whose experiences the talent can benefit.
  • And last but not least, the talents learn from each other! The participants find that this mutual exchange between talents in the same career phase is one of the most valuable aspects of this program.


Postdocs at Radboudumc are open to apply to this program. The selection is made by a committee consisting of two members of the Talent Board and a Talent Manager.

Galileo Galilei

Galileo Galilei symbolizes the inspiration for this track: the first man to look through a telescope, with focus on the dot on the horizon.

Striving for excellence


This program is open to postdocs (clinical and non-clinical) at Radboudumc. Detailed program and registration information can be found on intranet (z-number needed). see detailed information

Personal experiences Galilei Track

Gerben Ferwerda and others tell about their experience: "As a result of the Galilei Track, I developed my motivational role."

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Personal experiences Galilei Track

* Gerben Ferwerda

"Doing research is a highly social line of work. You supervise students and PhD candidates and have to know how to motivate people. As a result of the Galilei Track, I developed my motivational role. It also made me feel like participating in a voyage of exploration: my own adventure and that of the other participants. 

"This often reminds me of something John Lennon once said: “Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans”. In addition to the fantastic training programmes, we created a group in which ambitions and personal development took shape in a natural and open manner!"

* Suzette Elias

"Participating in the Galilei Track creates ties. As participants, we also run into each other in other situations. Already, we experienced how our different talents reinforce each other. This creates wonderful opportunities for the long term."

Experience of the participants

Want to find out what our talent programs are all about from people who have experienced it? The following people do not mind you contacting them.

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Funding and support

Are you a researcher at Radboudumc and do you wish to obtain a grant, national or international, for your research group or as an individual? To help you get started, we offer an overview of some of the available grants including some funded by Radboudumc. see overview