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29 April 2020

Could you tell us something about your experience with working from home at the department?
Despite the fact that I already spent most of my time at a desk, working from home made me change my routine. I go out every early morning for a walk around the river Waal. In this way, I avoid contact with others as much as possible, still get fresh air and get energized for the day! Like most of you, my day now includes several skype meetings (or skype coffees). Recently I started to do these standing to change my routine of sitting and spare my lower back. And instead of cycling home as part of finishing a day at work, I now try to tune out at the end of the day by getting some exercise done or just sit on my balcony with a glass of wine. While this whole situation still feels rather odd, I would like to end with some positive notes. It means that I am able to finish things that were on my list for a long time, that I have better coffee, and that I can wear sports clothes most days (so comfortable).  
What do you do during your weekends in this lock down period?
I guess like most people, I started this period with cleaning the house, organizing my wardrobe, clearing out the storage rooms etc. Other than that, I stick to my exercise routine (home gym in this case), play with our kitten Atom and I love to bake.
Can you still practice your hobbies during this lock down period?
One of my main hobbies is cooking and baking. Luckily this can easily be done from home and AH is able to deliver flour and eggs again. It is almost like science; I spent time on searching new recipes (idea generation), try different baking and cooking techniques (experimental work), and I am now also posting the results on Instagram (publication). My latest baking adventure: sticky pecan coffee buns.
What would be the first place you want to go on your holiday when traveling is allowed?
Switzerland; Together with my husband Sander, we had a very nice train journey scheduled for May that we unfortunately had to cancel now. When possible again, we plan to travel by train to Basel, visit ex-colleague Sara Roig, and use our Interrail passes to travel through the country in the various panoramic trains.
Please add a picture of yourself during lock down and add here a note explaining the photo:
This picture is a combination of all activities described above.

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