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11 May 2020

On the 11th of May, step 1 of the restart plan research was started. Over the past few weeks, the researchers involved in research in the labs outside the hospital building, together with AMD and the Research Continuation Team, looked at the start-up and how it could be arranged for their research under the conditions in this crisis period. The department of Physiologgy was pleased be able to restart a number of her research activities at the laboratory.

Here are some images from Molecular Physiology at the RIMLS building.

Lablife by Gijs Franken.

"Traffic signs" on the floors.

Femke Latta takes the stairs at 7 AM to start her morning shift at the lab.

Lisanne Gommers: "It's very nice to be back! The work is also very efficient, because everything has to be ready within the shift! In the picture below, Lynette and I were busy pipetting samples that needed to be measured by the clinical lab in the hospital! So we had to continue working with 500 samples!"

On the picture below you can see what morning-coffee-break looks like at Molecular Physiology when you have to maintain 1,5 meters distance.

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