Research Departments Physiology 20200604 PhD defense Elja Louer
4 June 2020

Elja Louer successfully defended her thesis entitled "Shedding light on RPE physiology: The retinal pigment epithelium in health and disease".

Outline of this thesis
Although it is known that the RPE is essential for functional vision, little is known about its physiology. Furthermore, increased oxidative stress has been associated with the development and progression of AMD. In this thesis, we aimed to study the physiology of RPE cells and further deepen the understanding of the role of
oxidative stress in the development and progression of AMD. Additionally, we aimed to study the role of stress metabolite receptor SUCNR1 in AMD development.

Click here to access Elja' thesis digitally.

Elja's promotion was one of the first Radboudumc promotions in the auditorium of Radboud University that took place according to the new RIVM guidelines. Now that since 1 June it has again been permitted to organise meetings with a maximum of 30 people, provided that it is possible to keep a distance of 1.5 metres, promotions in the auditorium of the university in a slimmed-down form can take place again and can be followed online. Student magazine VOX had a reporter present who made an enjoyable article called "Promotion on a meter and a half more festive than online" (only in Dutch).

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