Research Departments Physiology 20200622 Employees Personal Touch Dick Thijssen
29 June 2020

Employees Personal Touch of:  Dick Thijssen

Could you tell us something about your work at the department?
My work involves setting up and organizing studies to understand the benefits of an active lifestyle in the prevention of cardiovascular disease. Optimising the type, timing, intensity and mode of exercise, taking into consideration personal differences, has large clinical potential. Solving this puzzle is extremely exciting, especially when doing this together with a great team of passionate colleagues. In addition to the research, I also teach students about the beauty of the cardiovascular system (and how it keeps us alive) and how our future doctors should use exercise as medicine.
Could you describe yourself in a few words:
Reliable, curious, organized, persistent, conscientious.
What do you normally do in the weekends?
Trying to serve as many roles as possible… be a taxi driver (driving our children around), be a cheerful crowd (at basketball games of my son, ballet of my daughter), be a fair loser when playing ‘bunny hop’ with our youngest, be the ‘dog walking service’, be the chef (trying not to poison my family), be an athlete (a poor one…) and being a good husband (by cleaning the house…on very rare occasions, and having a good laugh & wine in the evening).
What are your hobbies and can you tell us something about your favorite one?
My hobbies relate to music and sports; watching, listening and performing. I can honestly say that I have developed a great level of talent and skill in watching and/or listening to music and sports. Unfortunately, I lack that level of skill for performing it…although I do like doing it (especially playing football).
Could you describe your best holiday?
I’ve experienced the answer to this question has changed a lot over the years. Currently, my best holiday is going to Austria with the family to fully enjoy the majestic mountains, beautiful walks, my kids playing in the woods, and some nice dinner in the evening. A few years ago, we rented a campervan and travelled through the remote and rural West-Australia. In the future I would like to repeat this (but elsewhere).
What is your dream for the future?
Stay healthy and being able to enjoy life.
Please add a picture of yourself during a certain activity and add here a note explaning the photo:
I strongly prefer the position behind the camera….so, I really struggled to find a picture of myself, until I stumbled across this one. It was taken during a Summer school I organized in Oman. Because of this, we were invited to visit the minister of Health from Oman for a chat, exchange of gifts (he got a lousy Liverpool John Moores University-pen, I got a great book with beautiful pictures of Oman….), and to make some pictures. A bizarre experience, also because we found one of these pictures being published in the national Oman newspaper the day after (proof below).

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