Research Departments Physiology 20200702 Physiology BBQ
2 July 2020

Our traditional Physiology BBQ was planned, but as a result of the COVID-19 measures, it was not possible to organize this getting together as usual. Since it is important to meet and interact as a department, we organized our Physiology BBQ a bit different this year by an online dinner, drinks and a Whatsapp Escape Game.

After a warm welcome by René and a toast to a nice evening, the participants were divided in 7 Whatsapp / Zoom groups. Each group participated in the digital escape game “Black Hawk". Through the app group assignments were received from the “unknown boss". By logging on to secret websites, searching social media and using the phones in multiple ways, all secrets were unraveled. A secret agent was ready in the field to perform the physical actions. The groups provided the right information at the right time so he could strike effectively. After an hour of excitement, the group, led by team captain Lotte Tholen, escaped fastest.

It turned out to be an unconventional way of getting together, and it was a very successful evening!


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