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11 August 2020

Dear colleagues,

Summer is passing by quickly. Most colleagues have had a free period in the past weeks. You probably spent it differently than 'normal'. Hopefully, you had a chance to enjoy the beauty and diversity of our country in terms of nature, scenery and culture. Maybe you took the time to look back at the past months and look ahead to the rest of the year. I hope that you have gained new energy.

Looking back
Over the past few months, we have proven to be extremely creative and resilient: by working from home via Skype and ZOOM, by following webinars, by organizing a pub quiz with colleagues, by walking the Nierdaagse, by contributing to corona-related care, by teaching online, by working in shifts, you name it. We should be really proud of that.

And what's next?
What impact will the coronavirus have on our way of working in the coming months (or years), on your research? Fortunately, it seems calmer, but the coronavirus hasn't gone away yet. The reports of new upsurges of the virus are still following one another. Travel advisories continue to change color. We have to stay alert! The corona crisis has brought about unpleasant things, but it also offers opportunities for renewal and innovation. And that's exactly what we need to focus on. For the coming months, too, I want to continue to call on everyone to maintain social distancing, for your own safety, and that of our colleagues. I wish you every success and pleasure with the continuation of your experiments and studies.

Warm regards,

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