Research Departments Physiology 20201031 Personal Touch Teodora Grigore
29 October 2020

Could you tell us something about your work at the department?
Working with Joost Hoenderop and Jenny van der Wijst, our focus is on the Klotho protein and its molecular mechanism and role in renal Ca2+ handling.

I am incredibly enthusiastic about bringing my contribution to the Klotho dilemma – even if it’s known to be an essential protein (Klotho knockout mice exhibit symptoms similar to human aging, such as short life span, skin and muscle atrophy, and they’re infertile), its function and mechanism of action remain puzzling.

I am very lucky to work in such an international environment, where I can learn various techniques and plenty of tips and tricks from my experienced colleagues!

Could you describe yourself in a few words:
I like to work hard for the goals I set for myself, to make people laugh and help them, and I really try to make a change for the better in everybody’s life.

What do you normally do in the weekends?
I like to play with my cats (now I just Skype them), I like to chat with my sister, and hang out with my friends and play board games, try out new restaurants and discover new places. Since I moved to Nijmegen, I started going to the Saturday’s Farmer Market and trying out new cooking recipes.

What are your hobbies and can you tell us something about your favorite one?
I like to watch movies, go to film festivals and write reviews for them, I love attending music festivals, and I also enjoy reading and sometimes the occasional hike. Since I did some research on platelet-rich plasma (also known as ‘the vampire therapy’), I like to read about evidence-based skin care. My guilty pleasure is indulging on pop culture – listening to podcasts and having some tea. However, my absolutely favorite hobby is traveling, because I love trying on new things, experiencing different cultures, and I also like to eat at McDonald’s in every country that I go to – it’s really different everywhere!

Could you describe your best holiday?
My best holiday was when I visited Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong, and Macau. That month was filled with the most unforgettable adventures – from climbing mount Fuji to forcefully hitchhiking during a torrential rain in Zao to the Fox Village, and to the scorching heat in the Portuguese ambiance in Macau. The food was excellent even though I don’t enjoy (and I am being polite here) sushi, ramen, and Japanese food in general, I absolutely loved Korean food and I even got to eat at the cheapest one-Michelin star restaurant in the world, which is a family dumplings restaurant.  

What is your dream for the future?
My friends and I planned a vacation dubbed as ‘The Great R.V. Trip in the U.S.’. We plan on renting a big van and driving all across the U.S. and visiting lively places, such as New Orleans, or the Cuban quarter of Miami.

As a glimpse into the future, I hope I will learn how to take care of plants (or magically grow a green finger!) and have a house with a solar room in which I can grow all sorts of plants.

Career-wise, I like to take things step by step and don’t plan too much in to the future, as you never know what life brings you. Nevertheless, I am looking forward to a PostDoc and who knows, maybe teaching!

Please add a picture of yourself during a certain activity and add here a note explaining the photo:
This picture is taken in Oludeniz, Turkey, while I was paragliding. Fortunately, the picture only shows how happy I was in that moment, and not how scared I was just moments before, when I almost fainted and my legs were not functioning properly! I am thankful I didn’t chicken out, because the views were just stunning!


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