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25 January 2021

Jojanneke Huck will receive the 2020 Radboud University Teaching Prize for junior lecturers during a ceremony in March. Jojanneke has been a lecturer in the Faculty of Medical Sciences at Radboud University since 2018 where she holds a full teaching appointment.

Because of her varied work within the education of the Faculty of Medical Sciences, her substantive competences, her personal management and her clear vision on education and her contribution to various educational developments, the jury believes that Jojanneke Huck is entitled to the University Education Talent Award 2020.

Jury report
Jojanneke Huck is described by students as a successful and accessible teacher who is known among students and colleagues as inspiring and involved. With her enthusiasm and skill, she is continually working to improve teaching in the areas of science education and physiology in particular. She is active as a lecturer and subject coordinator within the Medicine, Biomedical Sciences and Dentistry programs. Virtually all students therefore know Jojanneke and they are all enthusiastic about her as a teacher.

Jojanneke's teaching is characterized by the link with current events and her involvement with students. She has a lot of knowledge of her field and knows how to connect this knowledge to the world of students. Jojanneke takes a broad approach within her teaching, including identifying areas that still need research. She approaches questions from students first by determining where a student stands in terms of knowledge, what the student already knows about the subject, in order to find out what the student does not yet know and then focus on that. Her explanations often involve drawing whole kidneys on the board. Jojanneke demonstrates within and outside of her teaching that she believes it is important to answer students' questions. Students report that Jojanneke is a good listener and gives informed advice. Within her role on the Project Board, a group of expert and forward-thinking faculty and students, she guides students in the area of innovating and conducting scientific research.

In addition to teaching and coordinating, Jojanneke is also very involved in developing new educational formats. She shapes her assignments by combining new knowledge and new work formats. Furthermore, Jojanneke is responsible for the development of scientific education within the renewal of the master curriculum of Medicine, she participates in various working groups within the renewal of the bachelor curriculum of the Dentistry program and she contributes within the Master of Biomedical Sciences to a new module on Molecular Therapy. Jojanneke structurally involves both students and other teachers in educational innovations and is open to input from other departments. She thus chooses to tackle educational innovations jointly and to include ideas and experiences of others in the development.

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