Research Departments Physiology 20210531 Personal Touch Marieke Martens
30 May 2021

Could you tell us something about your work at the department?
I work as a management assistant mostly to professor Maria Hopman and of course to all of my other colleagues at (Integrative) Physiology. I’m “fresh” within RadboudUMC and I find there is a lot to learn, wonder and discover in this organization.

Could you describe yourself in a few words:
Goofy, social, animal lover, candy addict.

What do you normally do in the weekends?
I love meeting up with friends, walking in the forest with my dogs and a friend, going to theme parcs with our 3 boys or just that cup of coffee in the sun in our garden with my husband and then Netflix and chill all evening with icecream and candy of course. I enjoy the simple things in life.

What are your hobbies and can you tell us something about your favorite one?
As described above but foremost: in our home we have a cat, two Spanish rescue dogs, two giant rabbits and 5, soon to be 6, Guinea pigs. They are my favourite hobby.

Could you describe your best holiday?
My best holiday was the first year to Austria, because I didn’t expect a lot from it and it turned out to be amazing. A surprise around each corner, each day. We all had so much fun.

The campsite was nice, the swimmingpool was perfect, the dogs could run free each day and we could take them anywhere, the surroundings were gorgeous and there was something to do on every mountain, if you knew where to look for it.

What is your dream for the future?
To stay healthy for as long as I can and to enjoy life as much as I can with my loved ones.

This picture is taken on our first trip to Austria, 3 years ago. The joy on every face, together with the memories, make me happy every time I see this picture.

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