Research Departments Physiology 20210721 Jeroen de Baaij associate professor
1 August 2021

Within the Department of Physiology there are several focus areas. Jeroen's research is specifically aimed at renal physiology. In this discipline, he studies prevention of kidney diseases and the role of magnesium in the underlying processes, combining research techniques from different disciplines.

Since the start of his PhD trajectory, his research has focused on patients with rare kidney diseases. Studying genetic disorders has been successful in gaining better insight into the functioning of the kidney. In particular, his research focuses on the uptake of Na+ and Mg2+ from the pre-urine. The knowledge gained from studying rare kidney diseases provides a better understanding of the development of magnesium deficiencies in common diseases such as diabetes mellitus and renal failure. Through collaboration with clinical partners inside and outside the Radboudumc, Jeroen connects molecular, physiological and clinical research with the aim to understand, treat and ultimately prevent magnesium deficiencies.

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