Research Departments Physiology 20210930 PhD degree for Jos Thannhauser
30 September 2021

Jos Thannhauser successfully defended his thesis entitled "Technical innovations in out-of-hospital cardiac arrest: On the road to a smart defibrillator".

Outline of this thesis

In the Netherlands, approximately 150 people a week are resuscitated for cardiac arrest outside the hospital. Although the chance of survival after resuscitation has doubled in recent years, it is still very low (±23%). To maximise the chance of survival, it is important that bystanders recognise the cardiac arrest and immediately react adequately by calling 112, starting chest compressions and connecting an AED. Crucial factors here are social awareness, CPR courses and a comprehensive network of civilian aid workers and AEDs. Upon arrival at the patient, ambulance staff have access to an increasing amount of medical equipment to treat a resuscitated patient. Examples include mechanical chest compressions and mobile heart-lung machines. A newly developed technique that is currently being investigated is a so-called 'smart' defibrillator. In this dissertation we describe algorithms that can be built into a defibrillator. These algorithms make use of the electrical signal of the heart and in the future may possibly contribute to person-oriented treatment of a cardiac arrest, with the aim of further improving the survivability.

Jos Thannhauser (Apeldoorn, 1989) obtained his Technical Medicine degree from the University of Twente (Enschede) in 2015. He conducted the above research at the Department of Cardiology of the Radboudumc, in close collaboration with the University of Twente. Currently, he is a postdoctoral researcher at the Department of Physiology of the Radboudumc and the Department of Cardiovascular and Respiratory Physiology (CRPH) of the University of Twente.

Click here to access Jos’ thesis digitally.

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