Research Departments Physiology 20211005 Larien Buffart ass prof
5 October 2021

The appointment committee congratulates Laurien with her impressive scientific achievements.

The Exercise Oncology discipline investigates the role of physical activity and training during and after cancer treatment. One in three people will develop cancer at some point in his or her life. Research is needed to improve the treatment and thus the survival of patients with cancer, while maintaining their quality of life. Good supportive care and tertiary prevention for patients with cancer is therefore important. Physical training is an essential part of supportive care and tertiary prevention. Research within the group "Exercise Oncology" focuses on:

  1. the effectiveness of physical training on physical functioning, quality of life, toxicity and clinical outcomes (including treatment modification and survival) of patients with cancer, and on underlying mechanisms.
  2. measurements of physical activity and physical fitness and their predictive value for treatment toxicity, treatment decisions and clinical outcomes.
  3. optimizing implementation of exercise and training programs by improving participation and persistence in the programs.

This knowledge is needed to develop, optimize and target training interventions to reduce or prevent treatment toxicity and (late) side effects for the heterogeneous group of patients with cancer.

We are proud that Laurien is part of our Physiology department and wish her all the best in her new position.

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