Research Departments Physiology 20220122 Calamiteit Research Tower
24 January 2022

This infrastructure is important for the extraction of the fume hoods and chemical cabinets, and the rooms in which these cabinets are located. Because the extraction could not be guaranteed, a safety run was made Saturday 22nd January by all departments, whereby all risks of toxic fumes were minimized. All fume hoods were checked and any fumes were put away safely.

At the same time, the maintenance and management team worked hard to ensure that the ventilation was used as safely as possible. They have succeeded in setting the ventilation so that the fume cupboards operated at 30% and chemical cabinets were safely extracted. In fact, this is the situation as the system is set during the night and weekends.

The situation was closely monitored and discussed in the Crisis Policy Team (CBT). Based on all the information, it was concluded that the building was safe to enter as of Saturday evening, but in a very limited capacity. It was also concluded that in all likelihood employees had run a very low risk in the past few days. Nevertheless, further investigation into this has taken place in later days.

On Wednesday 26th, two rented ventilators were installed and were functioning well. With this, the ventilation was back in order and the building was safe to enter again. This means that starting, Thursday 27 January, we could safely return to normal COVID capacity.

See the broken broken ventilator below

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