Research Departments Physiology 20220808 Dick Thijssen visit the IITM
8 August 2022

Thank you, Prof. Dick Thijssen! We appreciate your commitment to our Vascular team over three long weeks at the IITM and the HTIC where you delivered inspiring lectures and sparked lively discussions. You have been an invaluable resource for our scholars and students. Your lessons were so much fun and had such a good learning atmosphere. Because of the approach you took throughout the lecture series, we now have a firm understanding of cardiovascular ageing and exercise physiology and are eager to continue this relationship.

The Vascular team at HTIC felt more at ease around you, and we learned what we needed to know about vascular ageing beyond engineering perspectives. The one-on-one interaction and constructive criticism you provided to our team, which will aid us in expanding our horizons, was the greatest part of our discussions. Your efforts with each research scholar demonstrated your commitment to the teaching field, and the ideas you shared with them will have a significant impact on society in the future when their PhD research outcomes are put into use. The critical idea that propelled the lecture into a gigantic mode was your major argument – “technology and ideology should collide in the proper location for superior advances in clinical practice and there’s the serendipity!".

We appreciate Dr. Dinu Santha Chandran travels to HTIC and had a day-long discussion with Prof. Dick Thijssen on collaborative clinical research at AIIMS.  Excited to see more impactful outcomes of this unique research partnership!

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