Research Departments Physiology 20220915 Lab Day Out

15 September 2022

In the afternoon, all colleagues gathered at LaserQuest Nijmegen in the heart of the city centre.
The group split into three. 2 groups got to compete against each other in a game of lasertag and the other group got to have fun for a round of laser squash.
After this very fanatical round, the first number of cans of deodorant were needed, and following this first round, the groups switched activities and another duel followed.

In the meantime it whas time for catch our breath and have a drink together.

The last activity was a game of glow in the dark golf, and full of enthusiasm and fun, the afternoon was ended, followed by a short walk for dinner at the Pancake Boat at the Waalkade.

During the pancake dinner, we were treated to beautiful views from the Waal River and several awards were presented.
Group laser game winner: team A blue
Most shots lasergame ladies: Sophie
Most shots lasergame gentlemen: Pieter
Off course there was also a prize for who ate the most pancakes.This prize was shared by Koen and Mark (both of them ate 7 pancakes)

It was a very nice afternoon and evening.
The organizing colleagues Lotte, Koen, Guido and Janneke received many nice reactions.
All photo's can be seen on Flickr.





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