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About the event

This event for researchers, clinicians and entrepreneurs will include presentations in a wide range of topics, all centered around elastic fibres, but highlighted from different points of view.

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About the event

The 10th European Elastin Meeting, which spans two and a half days, brings together researchers, clinicians and entrepreneurs that are interested in elastin and elastic fibre associated molecules. The program will include presentations in a wide range of topics, all centered around elastic fibres, but highlighted from different points of view. Research in areas involving assembly, degradation, signalling, development, pathology (supra)molecular structure, elastin-like polypeptides and regenerative medicine will be discussed.

The intimate environment of the meeting, where professionals at all levels of their career are welcomed, allows for ample discussions with attendees.

Important dates

  • March 1, 2018: general Abstract deadline
  • April 1, 2018: Notification of abstract acceptance
  • May 1, 2018: Early bird registration closure date
  • June 1, 2018: Poster Abstract deadline

Register for the meeting

Registration for the 10th European Elastin Meeting has opened! Please be aware that the early bird rate is only valid until May 1st, 2018.

register for EEM2018

Register for the meeting

Registration for the 10th European Elastin Meeting has opened!
Please be aware that the early bird rate is only valid until May 1st, 2018.


  Early bird
Before May 1st, 2018
After May 1st, 2018
Participant € 250 € 350
BSc, MSc, PhD student € 150 € 250
Conference dinner €   50 €   50

Registration fee includes admission to the scientific presentations (talks and posters), welcome reception, certificate of attendance, coffee/tea breaks and lunch.

Call for Poster Abstracts

The general abstract submission system has now been closed, but you can still submit your poster abstracts until June 1, 2018. You can download the abstract template and submit your abstract via the button below.

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Call for Poster Abstracts

You can download the abstract template HERE and SUBMIT YOUR ABSTRACT HERE.


Lisette Brocatus
management assistant

+31 (0)24 361 42 59

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In short

  • From Thursday 14 June 2018 (9:00) to Saturday 16 June 2018 (14:00).

Session topics

  • Elastic fiber assembly
  • Development & Pathology
  • Cellular signaling
  • (Supra)molecular structure of elastic fibers
  • Biomaterials
  • Regenerative Medicine

Chair Willeke Daamen

* Career

Willeke Daamen is assistant professor in tissue engineering and regenerative medicine at Radboudumc’s Radboud Institute for Molecular Life Sciences (Nijmegen, the Netherlands). From 2014 onwards, she is junior principal investigator and junior principal lecturer at Radboudumc.

Furthermore, she is a member of the coordination team of Radboudumc’s theme “Reconstructive & Regenerative Medicine” and editorial board member of the journal “BioMed Research International”. She is the co-author of over 75 articles in peer-reviewed international journals and of multiple book chapters.

* Her research

Dr. Daamen’s research in the field started with her dissertation entitled “Elastin as a biomaterial for tissue engineering”. She still focuses on acellular biomaterials that support the body to restore tissues and organs, concentrating on extracellular matrix components. The main objective is to engineer defined cellular micro-environments with specified 3-dimensional architecture that signal to the cell what tissue/organ should be made. In addition, she works on lyophilisomes, a type of drug delivery device she invented.

Vice chair Daniela Quaglino

* Career

Daniela Quaglino is full professor of pathology at the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia (Modena, Italy) and, since 2014, Director of the Department of Life Sciences and Dean of the School of Life Sciences at the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia.

She is a member of many national and international scientific societies, and a co-author of more than 120 articles in peer-reviewed international journals (H-index 34) and of 30 book chapters.

* Her research

Over the last three decades, Prof. Quaglino’s research activity has mainly focused on the biology and pathology of mesenchymal cells and of the extracellular matrix by investigating alterations occurring at the elastic component of skin and of blood vessels during aging or in acquired as well as in genetic diseases. In vitro models, taking advantage of the use of elastin-related peptides, have been combined with in vivo and ex vivo models aiming to dissect the molecular pathways leading to the aging phenotype or related to the occurrence of age-related complications.

In particular, Prof. Quaglino is significantly contributing to studies on the pathogenesis of the aberrant calcification of elastic fibres, as in pseudoxanthoma elasticum (PXE), a rare genetic disease of soft connective tissues.

Keynote speaker Kirk Hansen

“Analytical Characterization of Extracellular Matrix with a Focus on Elastin”

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Keynote speaker Kirk Hansen

Presentation: “Analytical Characterization of Extracellular Matrix with a Focus on Elastin”

His career

Kirk Hansen currently is associate professor at the University of Colorado, School of Medicine at Denver. He obtained a PhD degree in 2001 at Calltech, the California Institute of Technology. After a post-doc at the University of California at San Francisco (UCSF), he came to the University of Colorado at Denver in 2004.

His research

Dr. Hansen focuses on developing and utilizing strategies for the detection and characterization of proteins in health and disease. The goal is to understand underlying mechanisms of disease at the molecular level using mass spectrometry as the primary analytical tool. Mass spectrometry for quantitative analysis of extracellular matrix proteins has his particular interest.

Travel & accommodation


Airport Schiphol, Amsterdam, The Netherlands (for example by Easy Jet), by train to Nijmegen approx. 100 min., by car/taxi to Nijmegen appr. 80 min.

Airport Eindhoven. The Netherlands. by car/taxi to Nijmegen appr. 60 min.

Airport Weeze, Germany, (for example by Ryanair), by car/taxi to Nijmegen approx. 60 min.

Brussels Airport Zavetem, Belgium, by car/taxi to Nijmegen approx. 120 min..



A full list of accommodations in The Netherlands can be found on Some suggestions and price guides are given below.

Hotel Mercure, Sationsplein 29, 6512 AB, Nijmegen.
Tel: +31 (0)24 323 88 88, e-mail: Hotelcode: 1356.

Hotel Restaurant Konbanwa, Nijmeegsebaan 53, 6564 CC, Heilig Landstichting.
Tel: +31 (0)24 322 77 27, e-mail: (22 rooms).

Hotel - Grand Café Atlanta, Grote Markt 38-40, 6511 KB, Nijmegen. 
Tel: +31 (0)24 360 30 00, e-mail: (17 rooms).

Hotel-Restaurant Erica, Molenbosweg 17, 6571 BA, Berg en Dal.
Tel: (+31)347-750427, e-mail: (60 rooms).

Hotel Apollo, Bisschop Hamerstraat 14, 6511 NB, Nijmegen.
Tel: +31 (0)24 322 35 94, e-mail: (18 rooms).

Bastion Hotel Nijmegen, Neerbosscheweg 614, 6544 LL, Nijmegen.
Tel: +31 (0)24 373 01 00 (40 rooms).

Amrâth Hotel Belvoir, Graadt van Roggenstraat 101, 6522 AX, Nijmegen.
Tel: +31 (0)24 323 23 44, e-mail: (25 rooms).

Golden Tulip Val Monte, Oude Holleweg 5, 6572 AA, Berg en Dal/Nijmegen.
Tel: +31 (0)24 684 20 00, e-mail: (80 rooms).

Hotel MANNA, Oranjesingel 2c, 6511 NS, Nijmegen, The Netherlands.
Tel: +31(0)24 365 09 90, e-mail:

Hotel Blue Nijmegen, Oranjesingel 14-20, 6511 NT, Nijmegen.
Tel: +31 (0)24 744 00 94, e-mail:

Bed and Breakfast De Olm, Hazenkampseweg 33, 6531 NB, Nijmegen.
Tel: +316 24 40 51 08,

Bed and breakfast Wilhelmina, Wilhelminasingel 36, 6524 AN, Nijmegen.
Tel: +316 41 14 10 29,

Airbnb Nijmegen, Groesbeekseweg 132, 6524 DM, Nijmegen.
Tel +316 13 18 24 32.

Bed and Breakfast Nijmegen: all 61 Bed and Breakfast accommodations in Nijmegen.

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Entrance: Radboud Auditorium

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