TURBO program and grants

Following the partnership agreement between the University of Twente and Radboudumc, in 2017 a new collaborative grant program was launched, named  the Twente University RadBoudumc Opportunities (TURBO) programme.  

Four collaborative TURBO grants of 80K€ each will be available. The aim of this pre-seed subsidy is to support a joint external grant application by researchers of the Radboudumc and the University of Twente. Typically, we would like to stimulate collaborative grant applications for the EU, NWO (e.g. cross over or TTW-grants),  NWA routes, EFRO, Interreg, etc.

The grants can be spent freely, for example to hire (new) scientific personnel, purchase equipment, arrange networking events for the set-up of new consortia, or to realize participation of industrial parties/companies for a joint grant application. 

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Research Extra TURBO grants

TURBO program and grants

The University of Twente and Radboudumc have set up the Twente University RadBoudumc Opportunities (TURBO) program. Together they will supply four TURBO grants.

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Nathalie Bovy-van der Lugt PhD
Program manager at Radboudumc



  • The project is a collaboration between a researcher from the University of Twente (scientific staff or tenure track) and a (junior) principal investigator from Radboudumc.
  • The focus of the project and the envisioned external grant application is in line with the TopFit – Concepts for a Healthy Life programme.
  • A researcher is allowed to submit one project, as applicant or team member. Those who received a TURBO grant as main applicant before cannot apply in this round.
  • The joint project is of high (scientific) quality. When projects are assessed as of equal excellence, a newly set-up collaboration is favored above a pre-existing one.
  • The project represents a value of 80k€ and has to be supported by a clear budget plan.
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  • The project represents a value of 80k€ and has to be supported by a clear budget plan according to the TURBO grant budget plan. 
  • The project is feasible with the funded subsidy (80k€) and within the proposed time span of max. 1 year. The project plan includes the steps towards a successful external grant application and maximizes the chance of obtaining external funding for continuation of the project idea. 
  • The proposed external funding body is known and accompanying application deadlines are clear or at least indicated, ultimately 31 December 2020. This can be international, national or regional funding. 
  • Collaboration between the two parties is evident both in the research proposal and the budget plan. The project's aim cannot be met without the joint expertise from the apllicants from both Institutions. 
  • Collaboration with additional applicants from the WUR and RU is possible (within the cope of TOPFIT), but the TURBO resources remain internally at UT and Radboudumc. WUR and RU partners can bring in additional resources for the project. 
  • The project is innovative, can be both fundamental or applied science and brings together health and technology (in the broadest sense).
  • The project is in compliance with the strategies of both institutes.
  • Projects that have not been awarded before may be resubmitted if the applicant is still (j)PI (Radboudumc) or scientific staff or tenure tracker (University of Twente). The progress that has been made in the intervening period will have to be described. 

Evaluation committee

  • The evaluation committee consists of 5 persons
  • The evaluation committee is preferably chaired by an external representative working outside of academia
  • There is one permanently appointed member from the University of Twente
  • There is one permanently appointed member from Radboudumc
  • There are two or more alternating scientific experts
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Evaluation committee

Every member of the evaluation committee evaluates the (short) proposal on the established criteria:
  • (scientific) quality (50%)
  • feasibility of project and likelihood of obtaining additional funding (20%)
  • innovativeness (15%)
  • (societal) impact (15%).
Projects that do not fulfil the general criteria and required focus will not be taken into consideration by the evaluation committee. The evaluation committee must come to an unanimous agreement. If no consensus can be reached, the chairman will take the final decision.

Time line

  • 6 July 2020: Deadline full proposal TURBO grant 2021
  • July-September 2020: Applications will be evaluated by the committee
  • End September/start October 2020: Granting meeting in Enschede
  • October 2020, no later than 1 January 2021: Start projects
  • 31 December 2021: End of projects
  • Before April 2022: Submitted grant application at external funding body

Submit proposals

Use these documents to submit your TURBO grant proposal. Proposals must be submitted to techmed@utwente.nl