Research Extra New Frontiers symposium New Frontiers symposium 2018 Day 2

Better care, network care? 2 November

After standard care, standardized care, and personalized care, network care will be care 4.0. The second day of the New Frontiers symposium, on 2 November 2018, will focus on how this can be done successfully. Note: this day is in Dutch!


Marie-Louise Roovers

+31 (0)24 309 21 36


New Frontiers 2 November - Better care, network care? - is accredited by ABAN (Accreditatiebureau Algemene Nascholing) with 6 points (ID 331936).

Program New Frontiers symposium 2 November

The first day of the symposium is about the way big data changes healthcare. This day is in English and has researchers from a broad range of disciplines as its target group. The second day is about network care. This day is in Dutch with healthcare stakeholders as target group. see program (Dutch)

1 November New Frontiers symposium

Note: the first day of the symposium is in English. go to event page

Venue Radboudumc Auditorium

Entrance: Radboud Auditorium
Route: 296

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Venue Radboudumc Auditorium

Visiting address

Geert Grooteplein 15
6525 EZ Nijmegen


Enter building at: Radboud Auditorium
Follow route 296

Public evening ‘Dag dokter … Is de dokter straks digitaal?’

Be sure to catch up on the digital changes in healthcare during the public evening on 29 October, organized by RIHS. read more (in Dutch)