Research Newsletter Research 29 HR related issues due to corona
16 July 2020

The corona period has a great impact on the research itself, but also on the employees. Uncertainty about contract renewals, learning to deal with working from home and missing out on the daily contact with colleagues. All of this can also change your role as a supervisor, you will be called upon more by the researchers in your department, or you will be faced with questions you have never had to deal with before regarding possible extensions due to corona delays.
The most important thing, of course, is to find your own people, organize digital meetings, check how they are doing and stay in touch frequently. But we understand that's not all and that you can't solve everything on your own…

Do you feel like you can use some support or someone who can think along with you on these kinds of HR-issues? Then you can always contact our HR consultants Marly Korsten and Albert Witjes.
They can think along with you and help you with questions about contracts, stress among employees and other HR-related matters. They can look at both your and the employee's perspective and are aware of the possibilities within the Radboudumc.

Introduction of our HR colleagues

My name is Marly Korsten and I am the HR advisor for the departments of Cell Biology, Physiology CMBI, Cognitive Neuroscience, Neurology,

My name is Albert Witjes and I am the HR advisor for Health Evidence, Eerstelijnsgeneeskunde, IQ healthcare, Pharmacology and Toxicology, Tumor Immunology and Biochemistry.

What kind of support do we offer to you as a supervisor?

or example, we can offer support if a researcher from your group has experienced considerable stress during the Corona period because there was no contact with colleagues, they couldn't go their workplace and being from abroad they had no social contacts here. People were lonely and insecure and can still suffer from that. A conversation with the company doctor or the company social worker can help. We have also organized a number of things in the area of staying healthy at work; mental and physical. Read more about this online:
Maybe somebody's contract will end soon and he or she will find it difficult to find a way in looking for a new job in this special time. Together with the recruitment group we can look into how it can be done and where opportunities lie. These are a few examples but our request is mainly; contact us if there are any questions, uncertainties or other issues we can support you in.