Deep learning Expertise and services

The RTC Deep Learning leverages the expertise of the Diagnostic Image Analysis Group (DIAG) in using machine learning, specifically deep learning, to analyze images and other medical data. RTC Deep Learning has set up a high-performance GPU cluster on which deep learning systems can be trained and deployed. We can be approached for consultation regarding all questions pertaining to the use of deep learning for specific problems. Additionally, we can make web-based image analysis and data analytics software.
Areas of expertise:
  • Medical image analysis
  • Development of deep learning algorithms
  • Docker and (cloud-based) GPU solutions
  • Web-based image analysis and viewing applications
  • Consultation regarding the use of deep learning for specific research questions
  • Assistance with data preparation and annotation
  • Development and training of deep learning algorithms for detection, classification and segmentation problems
  • Development of web-based applications for data processing and viewing
  • GPU computing solutions
For more information on our facilities and current projects, please visit the RTC Deep Learning website.

Deep learning Expertise and services

RTC Deep Learning can provide expert guidance and services for big data analysis and deep learning, specifically in the field of image analysis but also on predictive analytics in general.

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