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Light Microscopy Center

The Light Microscopy (LM) Center has been active since 2007. It offers access to both standard and innovative advanced light microscopy infrastructure and applications including technical operator assistance, assistance in image analysis and in-depth microscopic imaging knowledge.

Our experts


dr. Koen van den Dries
Representative LM Center

+31 6 36 14334
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dr. Gert-Jan Bakker
Representative LM Center

+31 6 36 14296
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News and events

Examples figures from our papers

Cancer cells transiting from collective to amoeboid invasion (image taken from PMID: 35166669)

2-day hands-on Fiji course July 2022

  • Imaging pitfalls
  • Image preprocessing
  • Segmentation
  • Feature extraction
  • Image analysis automation (Fiji macro scripting)
  • and many more

MIC user meeting June 22nd, 2022, 12:00-13:00h

  • Novel instruments and applications (TBD)
  • News and applications on computational image analysis (Merijn van Erp & team)
  • Electron microscopy