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About this research group

This research group tries to improve medication safety by education of prescribers, transmural interventions and medication optimization. read more

About this research group

Using examples, the practices of this research group are explained. Currently in the United States, the opioid epidemic is causing thousands of deaths. Opioid consumption is rising in the Netherlands, but at present it is unclear whether this is a prelude to opioid related morbidity and mortality. The TAPTOE (Tackling and preventing the opioid epidemic consortium is a collaboration between academic and societal parties to investigate the use of opioids in the Netherlands, which the aim to optimize prescribing and thus preventing opioid misuse. A multifaceted intervention to reduce drug-related complications in surgical patients (PREVIEW study) has been performed to improve medications safety in hospitalized patients. The backbone of this intervention is continuous education of prescribers.

Research group leader

prof. dr. Kees Kramers