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About this research group

Although medicines often improve quality of life, the (cost-)effectiveness and safety of drug therapy is mostly sub-optimal. This research group is a (inter)nationally recognized group on adequate medication use, medication adherence, medication waste and (cost-)effective pharmacotherapy.

Research group leader

prof. dr. Bart van den Bemt

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Our group has several aims.
  • To identify (individual) targets to improve (cost-)effective, safe and sustainable medication use.
  • To develop and evaluate interventions to increase adequate medication use.
  • To support and evaluate the implementation of these interventions.


Several discoveries were made by our research group.
  • Patients medication beliefs and practical barriers cause medication non-adherence.
  • Millions are lost due to medication waste, redispensing unused medication might reduce medication wastage.
  • The dose of (expensive) biological drugs can often be lowered to approximately 70% of the authorized dose.

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