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About this line of research

We investigate causes and consequences of cerebrovascular disease; specifically the etiology, diagnosis, treatment, prognosis and cognitive sequelae of intracerebal hemorrhage, young stroke and cerebral small vessel disease.

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About this line of research

Within our group, our research is being inspired by patients. Their questions are being translated into sound scientific questions. It is our joint ambition to have a significant impact on health care by improving the quality of life of patients trusted to us and all others suffering from cerebrovascular disease.

We have a fundamental interest in the pathophysiology, diagnosis, treatment and prognosis of cerebrovascular disease, with a specific expertise in intracerebral hemorrhage, stroke in young adults, the vascular contribution to cognitive decline and dementia and cerebral small vessel disease, the latter representing the common denominator of the group.

We are leading in the field of small vessel disease and our research covers the entire translational axis from molecule to man to population. Our approach is characterized by the development of biomarkers and animal models of small vessel disease, innovative neuroimaging, and clinical trials. We have established several ongoing, prospective cohort studies on intracerebral hemorrhage, young stroke and small vessel disease and lead various international trials and cohort studies.

We feel that training of young researchers is essential in the way we do our research; consequently we often have PhD and internship positions available among the various disciplines within our group.

All our research is embedded in the Donders Center of Medical Neurosciences.



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