Vacancies 68106-Cyclotron-engineer

  • 36 hours a week
  • Bepaalde tijd
  • Date of publication: 10 May 2019
  • Deadline: 3 June 2019
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Job description

For our cyclotron, a particle accelerator used for the production of PET-radionuclides, we are looking for an enthusiastic technician with experience in maintenance and operation of a cyclotron. Alternatively, you have experience in maintenance and repair of medical equipment/systems and are looking to specialize in this particular field.

You will be responsible for the operation, repair and revision of the cyclotron and related equipment. You will also prepare the production process and take care of administrative tasks, such as creating reports in the case of malfunctions.

Tasks and responsibilities
  • You will be responsible for the daily operation of the cyclotron;
  • You will analyze the technical state and fix malfunctions of the cyclotron and other equipment within the cyclotron facility;
  • You will ensure the quality and safety of the cyclotron and you will set up protocols for this (together with other people);
  • You will perform scheduled maintenance, calibration and quality control;
  • You will advise on replacement and maintenance of (lab) equipment;
  • You will keep records of performance and maintenance of the equipment;
  • You will instruct the technicians on the functioning of and operating the cyclotron and associated equipment;
  • You will supervise and check work done on the equipment by third parties;
  • You will investigate questions about new equipment or optimization of existing equipment.


  • Degree in Electrical / Mechanical Engineering, Physics or equivalent;
  • Experience in electrical, mechanical engineering, physics, medical equipment services or equivalent;
  • A minimum of 5 years relevant working experience;
  • Experience in radionuclide production for the manufacture of radiopharmaceuticals;
  • Ideally, you have a specialization in one or more of the following areas: electronics, x-ray technology, precision engineering, high voltage technology, vacuum technology or radiation hygiene;
  • Strong analytical and troubleshooting skills;
  • Willing to undergo necessary additional training (abroad if necessary);
  • A team player, able to work under pressure, and committed to customer service;
  • Able to independently assess deviations in the functioning of equipment;
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills;
  • Flexible with regards to working hours and willing to work on stand-by duty in shift.


Radboud Translational Medicine B.V. is a young company at the forefront of radiopharmaceutical production and molecular imaging. We are committed to the development of radiopharmaceuticals for use in daily medical practice and biomedical research.

Employment conditions

  • The type of contract depends on experience and education;
  • The terms and conditions of employment are in accordance with the UMC Holding Staff handbook (where possible, these terms and conditions are based on the CAO Universitair Medische Centra);
  • A full-time appointment of 36 hours a week. Part-time is negotiable;
  • Education and training in GMP and radiation expertise, among other things.

Comments and contact information

All additional information about the vacancy can be obtained from Lars Perk, managing director RTM B.V., (024) 361 31 13 of met Elaine Gelissen, head productions RTM B.V. via +31 (24) 361 96 70. Use the Apply button to submit your application.

Please apply before June 3, 2019.
Recruitment agencies are asked not to respond to this job posting.

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