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dr. Joyce Bomers

Over Joyce Bomers

Joyce Bomers is Technical Physician at the department of Radiology at Radboudumc and allied to the Medical Innovation and Technology expert Center (MITeC) and Prostate MRI Expert Center (PMRC).

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Over Joyce Bomers

Dr. Bomers was one of the first pioneers obtaining her Master’s degree in Technical Medicine at University of Twente in 2009. She started as a PhD-candidate at the department of Radiology at the Radboudumc and completed her doctoral research entitled “MRI-guided focal therapy in patients with localized (recurrent) prostate cancer” in 2017. Next to this, she completed a 2 year fellowship in Technical Medicine in 2016.

Her main focus is on diagnostics and treatment of prostate cancer with the help of MR imaging. With particular interest, she is implementing and performing MR-guided oncological prostate interventions such as MR-guided cryosurgery (clinical), focal laser ablation (clinical), focused ultrasound ablation (pre-clinical and clinical) and in-bore biopsy.


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