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17 November 2021

On the list of the 1% most cited scientists of the past ten years are twenty scientists from the Radboud university medical center and/or Radboud University. This means that their work is widely used by (international) fellow scientists. The Netherlands contributes no fewer than 207 scientists, placing us sixth in the ranking, behind the United States, China, the United Kingdom, Australia and Germany.

The annual list, consisting of 6600 scientists, was unveiled by the American company Clarivate Analytics. On this annual ranking are researchers who can be shown to have a significant impact in their scientific field or fields by having published multiple papers that have been the most cited during the past ten years. Eleven of the twenty researchers are ranked in the 2020 Highly Cited Researchers category Cross-field: they are cited in multiple fields. Clarivate Analytics thus aims to break down the 'artificial walls between disciplines'.

The Highly Cited Radboud researchers (in alphabetical order)

  1. Rob Arts - Cross-Field
  2. Christian Beckmann - Neuroscience and Behavior*
  3. Bas Bloem - Neuroscience and Behavior
  4. Jan Buitelaar - Cross-Field
  5. Reinout van Crevel - Cross-Field
  6. Charles Dinarello - Immunology*
  7. Pascal Fries - Neuroscience and Behaviour*
  8. Mike Jetten - Cross-Field
  9. Leo Joosten - Immunology
  10. Mikhail Katsnelson - Physics*
  11. Bart-Jan Kullberg - Cross-Field
  12. Sebastian Lücker - Cross-Field
  13. Jos van der Meer - Cross-Field
  14. Jacques Meis - Cross-Field*
  15. Johan Mouton (†) - Cross-Field
  16. Mihai Netea - Immunology, Microbiology*
  17. Robert Oostenveld - Neuroscience and Behaviour*
  18. Frank van de Veerdonk - Cross-Field
  19. Paul Verweij - Cross-Field
  20. Gerrit Vriend - Cross-Field

(*) Charles Dinarello is also affiliated with University of Colorado Denver in the United States. Mihai Netea is also affiliated with the University of Bonn in Germany. Christian Beckmann is also affiliated with Univeristy of Oxford in the United Kingdom. Pascal Fries is also affiliated with the Ernst Strüngmann Institute (ESI) in Germany. Jacques Meis is also affiliated with Canisius-Wilhelmina Hospital Nijmegen. Mikhail Katsnelson is also affiliated with the Ural Federal University in Russia. Robert Oostenveld is also affiliated with the Karolinska Institute in Sweden.

Find out more on the website of Clarivate Analytics.


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