Coronavirus and Radboud university medical center

Many of the planned appointments and treatments are going ahead, sometimes by telephone or video call. Unfortunately, we have to postpone some scheduled admissions. Of course, this will only be done when this is an option from a medical standpoint. We will contact you if this applies to you. You can always come to us for emergencies. Wearing a mask is mandatory in our buildings. read more

Patient care

Radboudumc is a university medical center. Everything we do - patient care, education and research - is centered around people and their quality of life.

Getting there Radboudumc

Radboudumc has several entrances with different addresses. Check out the information about directions, parking and bicycle storage facilities.

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mijnRadboud Digital medical file

You can activate mijnRadboud at the central registration desk. This is your personal medical file which you can consult online. With mijnRadboud you can make appointments and see the outcome of your tests.

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Useful information

Most of the information on about patient care is currently in Dutch. To help you along we offer short descriptions in English with direct links to detailed information in Dutch. We hope, in the future, to bring you more information in English.

  • For a number of specific disorders, patients come to Radboudumc from all over the Netherlands and sometimes even abroad. On many disorders we cover detailed information.

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Working at Radboud university medical center

With nearly 10,000 employees and 3,500 students, Radboudumc combines patient care, research, and scientific training. Our mission is to have a significant impact on healthcare. Also want to make a difference? Find out all about working at Radboudumc.

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During your visit or hospitalization you are welcome to use the diverse facilities of Radboudumc.

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Rights and obligations

The most important rights and obligations for you as a patient are laid down in legislation, among others in the Medical Treatment Agreement Act (WGBO).

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Immediate care

Need immediate medical care? During office hours it is best to call your GP. In the evenings or at the weekend you can contact the nearest General Practice Center (huisartsenpost). If needed, they will refer you to the Emergency Care Unit (spoedeisende hulp). Of course, in an emergency call 112.


Would you like an interpreter to assist you during your appointment? An interpreter can assist you on the telephone or he/she can be present at your appointment. Your contact person at the department that is treating you can arrange this. Please note, there may be costs involved.

Information Center

On our website you will find information about Radboudumc in general, our departments and also about disorders, medical tests and treatments. If you have any more questions or you are looking for specific information that cannot be found on our website, you can contact our Information Center. contact Information Center


About Radboudumc

Radboudumc is a university medical center. Everything we do is centered around people and their quality of life.

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Research at Radboudumc

Researchers of the Radboud university medical center focus on today’s scientific health challenges as well as keeping an eye on emerging diseases of the future. go to research

Scientific training at Radboudumc

Vacancies, internship positions and information on programs, talent management and grants. read more