Research Organization and people

Our structure is simple and effective: our departments organize our research groups, that operate within one or more of our research programs, under supervision of our research institute. The whole is facilitated by our technology centers and various research assets, and supported by external partners from industry and government.

Organization and infrastructure of our research

Research groups

By working in groups, we accelerate the development of knowledge and its implementation.

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Research programs

The programs are the compass for our research efforts, in which groups work together toward a common and clear goal.

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The departments house our staff, including our researchers who conduct both clinical and non-clinical research.

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Technology centers

The technology centers are an access point for technological expertise, high-end equipment and biobanks, for both internal and external users.

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Research institute

The Research Institute for Medical Innovation facilitates all facets of the research function, enabling our researchers to maximize research impact.

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We want to collaborate with partners from industry and government that share our commitment. Let’s partner up and accelerate innovation.

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More assets of our research

Graduate School

We foster a dynamic training environment where PhD candidates are fully supported and encouraged.

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Clinical research support

This part of our research institute consists of three teams that together support researchers and research staff.

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Science press officers

Our science press officers are the point of contact for all media requests and questions, as well as our link to media.

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International offices for staff and students

Our International offices help international employees with their career at Radboudumc.

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Grant Support Office

Our Grant Support Office (facilitated by our institute) provides information and advice on funding opportunities.

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Our Valorization Department (facilitated by our institute) helps researchers transform discoveries into innovations.

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