Working at Radboud university medical center


We are searching for co-workers who want to have a significant impact on healthcare. Employees who are excellent in their respective fields and make the most of their abilities by pushing the limits and going the extra mile.

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Working at Radboudumc

Radboudumc is a leading academic center for patient care, education and research, and always strives to have a significant impact on healthcare.

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Working at Radboudumc

Everything we do revolves around the patient and his or her quality of life. All of our efforts are focused on improvement and innovation. In this respect, patient care, research and education are interwoven.

Making a difference

The Radboud way-of-working plays an important role in achieving our ambitions. We trust our employees and together we take responsibility to bring about the necessary change. To ensure that patients get the best possible care and the ensure the future of healthcare. 
Our core values are engagement, excellence, and teamwork. You will be in charge of your own personal development, facilitated by our personnel policy and accompanying conditions of employment.

If you want to make a difference, Radboudumc is the place to be.

Personal development for employees

We encourage our employees to use and improve their talents by supporting them in their work and career, and ensuring that they have every opportunity to develop themselves.

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Personal development for employees

We want to create an environment where employees work energetically and enthusiastically, and where they feel fully challenged. This is based on the assumption that employees see their personal development as their own responsibility and act accordingly, supported by their supervisor.

Various tools

Employees are in charge of their own personal development and are given the necessary space and responsibility. Various tools facilitate this:
  • Personal budget which employees are free to spend at their own discretion
  • Annual review cycle, in which development is a recurring topic
  • Our talent management program that offers talented researchers extra opportunities
  • The Radboudumc Health Academy offers a wide range of training for different target groups: from paramedics to nurses and from doctors to researchers. Several courses are also taught in English
  • We stimulate student and staff mobility and our International Office can help in this

Terms and conditions of employment

Radboudumc can offer you appealing possibilities and an extensive package of terms and conditions of employment.

  • Radboudumc employees fall under the collective labor agreement for university medical centres. download collective labor agreement


    Meeùs offers employees of Radboudumc insurance with a discount of up to 20%. This discount is also for your family. Meeùs offers insurances like:
    • car, contents and liability
    • travel and legal counsel
    Please visit for more information in Dutch. For expats there is also information in English:

    Personal budget

    It can also be used to buy extra vacation hours or to purchase a membership at the University Sports Centre.

    Employment conditions selection model

    By exchanging certain terms and conditions of employment you can end up paying less tax, which is a major advantage. For example, you can exchange your end-of-year bonus, vacation allowance, or a portion of your salary for the purchase of a bicycle, or a reimbursement of the contribution to a trade union or professional association.

    Reimbursement of commuting costs

    Employees may choose to trade their gross vacation allowance, or a portion thereof, for a net reimbursement of commuting costs, resulting in a tax advantage. Employees only need to request the exchange once (preferably at the beginning of employment), as it will continue to be in effect for future years. Additionally, if you used public transport for at least 70% of your travel days during a period of at least two months, you are entitled to a public transport premium. The gross public transport premium equals 20% of the free reimbursement of commuting costs as calculated in the Employment Conditions Selection Model.

    Bicycle Plan

    Once every five years the Radboudumc Bicycle Plan offers you the opportunity to purchase a bicycle for use in commuting to and from work. Purchasing a bicycle under the Employment Conditions Selection Model can provide you with a substantial tax advantage. In addition, you will receive a one-time bicycle bonus of € 150.

    Trade Union or professional association contribution reimbursement

    Under the Employment Conditions Selection Model, you can exchange gross salary for a net reimbursement of the contribution for a trade union or professional association, resulting in a tax advantage.

    Collective health insurance

    Both health insurances offer attractive discounts for employees and their families. If you have a scholarship, and you will not be paid by the Radboudumc, you can get insurance at Lippmann, OOM and AON.

    Occupational disability insurance

    There is also an option to take out a supplementary disability insurance.

    Vacation and leave

    As a full-time employee at Radboudumc, you are entitled to approximately 21 vacation days a year. In addition, there are six to nine national holidays every year in the Netherlands. There are also statutory types of leave, such as parental leave and care leave.

    Our collective labor agreement entitles you to paid leave for certain personal events. Situations may also arise where you make agreements with your supervisor regarding extra, unpaid leave.

Facilities and other opportunities

Employees and students at Radboudumc can make use of a number of facilities.

  • PV Radboud is the staff association for all current and retired employees of Radboudumc and Radboud University. read more

    Staff association

    Partners of PV Radboud members are also welcome to become members. PV Radboud has over 7,000 members and organizes all sorts of member activities and offers nice discounts.

    > PV Radboud news in English

    Parking and bicycle shelters

    You will have to pay a contribution through your salary if you use the parking facilities between 6.00 and 15.00 hrs on weekdays. The fee depends on your commute distance.

    The bicycle shelters also offer various charging options for electric bikes.

    > Download map of Radboudumc grounds

    Catering and shops

    At or near the main entrance you can find a post office, library and a pharmacy. There are a number of gift shops as well as a hairdressers and daycare center.


    Radboud University has its own chaplaincy, which is a church centre, where student and staff can meet. Staff of Radboudumc are also welcome.


Radboudumc's mission To have a significant impact on healthcare

Radboudumc is a university medical center. Everything we do is centered around people and their quality of life.

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Radboudumc's mission To have a significant impact on healthcare

At Radboud university medical center (Radboudumc, in short), we offer our patients top-clinical and top-referral care and have an important social role in increasing and sharing our knowledge and expertise.
We want to take the lead or at least actively contribute to the development of reliable, innovative and affordable healthcare. In this we focus on the health of man and society in the Netherlands as well as abroad.
Our main aim is to have a significant impact on healthcare. This mission is accomplished by:
  • Delivering verifiable high-quality
  • Offering participatory and personalized healthcare
  • Using our resources efficiently
  • Participating in sustainable, professional networks in every area

International Office

Radboudumc stimulates student and staff mobility. Our International Office is there to help both incoming as outgoing students and staff members.

Scientific training at Radboudumc

Vacancies, internship positions and information on programs, talent management and grants.

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