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Bachelor's programs

Radboudumc collaborates with Radboud University to offer Bachelor's programs in the field of medical sciences.

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Bachelor's programs

Radboudumc collaborates with Radboud University to offer three Bachelor’s programs. The information on these Bachelor's programs is in Dutch:

To participate in these programs you have to enroll at Radboud University. More information about the programs can be found on the university’s website.

International Office for (prospective) students

We support student mobility by advising and helping current students to fulfil their ambitions to perform part of their study abroad. We also stimulate the participation of incoming international students.

UMC Honors Academy Extra program Bachelor’s students

This intensive and challenging program for talented and motivated second and third-year students involves a more in-depth study of their own discipline together with other students.

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Summer School

Lecturers and researchers from Radboud University and Radboudumc offer interesting courses in different disciplines during the summer holidays. They are suitable for Dutch and international Bachelor’s and Master’s students as well as PhD candidates.

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Vacancies and internships

Looking for an academic and scientific internship or other job? Find out how you can best find a position.

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