News items Radboudumc Children's OR at the science festival Expedition Next was well-attended and a great success

2 May 2024

More than 6000 children and their companions came yesterday during a beautiful sunny day to the children's science festival Expedition Next, this year in Zutphen. The Radboudumc was also present there with an enthusiastic team from the Radboudumc Amalia Children's Hospital. Many successful operations were performed! Did you miss it? We will also be at Mariƫnburgplein in Nijmegen on 14 & 15 July during the Four Day Marches festivities.

This is how it looked in Zutphen: three large interconnected tents filled with curious children.

First, the children were able to train the coordination between their eyes and hands with games such as a nerve spiral...

...and falling hearts.

Afterwards, they could practice for the operation with a test using surgical instruments. We also observed whether children perform better if they play a lot of games.

And then off to the operating room! The beautiful design was provided by designer Ine Laurent.

First, a quick change of clothes...

...And then operate in a team!

The surgery on this baby doll was very successful.

With thanks to Daphne Soemoredjo, Floris Ferenschild, Jan Peter Rake, Pieter van den Nieuwenhuizen, Robyn van Vehmendahl, Anne Huijbens-Schennink, Bas Verhoeven, Ine Laurent, the students, and Annemarie Eek. Made possible in part by the National Science Agenda (NWA), NWO, and Campaign Office BKB.

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