7 December 2017

The Christine Mohrmann stipendium is awarded yearly to 10 promising female PhD candidates from the different faculties of the Radboud University in Nijmegen.

The goal of the stipendium is to enable them to perform research abroad during their PhD and to encourage them to pursue a scientific career in academia.

Jorieke Weiden from the department of Tumor Immunology, theme Cancer development and immune defense, has been awarded the Christine Mohrmann stipendium of €5000,- in order to visit the lab of Prof. Bencherif in Boston, USA where she will characterize and optimize the design of the scaffolds that she uses for cancer immunotherapeutic purposes. 

Miriam Haaksma, Dept. of Geriatrics, theme Healthcare improvement science.
In 2050, dementia will be the leading health problem in our ageing society. Because the development of dementia in old age is extremely heterogenous, it is difficult to make reliable predictions about an individual’s prospects. Miriam Haaksma is using innovative epidemiological techniques to develop a prediction model for the progression of patients with dementia. With her stipend, she will establish a network of dementia studies. To this end, she will visit dementia researchers in the United States and Canada.


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4,8 million euros for prevention of tuberculosis among people with diabetes in Africa

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