3 November 2017

In this paper, published in Scientific Reports, a novel method is described to sequence glycosaminoglycans, which are long linear polysaccharides involved in many aspects of cellular behavior.

The method opens research to the significance of specific monosaccharide sequences in health and disease.

Link to the publication

Willeke Daamen              Toin van Kuppevelt

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13 July 2021

Khondrion announces publication in PLOS ONE of new research showing normalisation of prostate cancer stem cell mPGES-1 overexpression and inhibition of cancer spheroid growth by sonlicromanol’s active metabolite.

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4th ENABLE symposium a big success

27 May 2021

RIMLS PhD candidates co-organized this unique event with three other European research institutes (IRB Barcelona, CPR Copenhagen, SEMM Milan), which was facilitated by a competitive Horizon 2020 grant.

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Miniaturized microfluidic platform for automated epigenetic profiling

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Together with Fluidigm, a US-based company focusing on microfluidics, the team of Hendrik Marks publishes in Genome Research the development of a powerful plug and play ChIP-seq platform for minute amount of cells, such as embryonic specimens or small biopsies.

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Broken teeth coronastress poses a danger to our teeth

6 May 2021

Teeth grinding and molars on top of each other: stress from corona causes an increase in dental damage. That's what they noticed at the department of dentistry at Radboudumc.

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Millions of euros for study of laser treatment for glioblastoma

2 April 2021

A research group from Radboudumc and UMC Utrecht is to investigate laser treatment of a rare brain tumor, glioblastoma. 3.9 million euros has been made available for the research by Zorginstituut Nederland and ZonMw, under the auspices of the Subsidy Scheme for Promising Care.

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