19 October 2018

On Friday 12 October 2018, the annual fall meeting of the Dutch Federation for Nephrology was held in Leiden. During this meeting, researchers and clinicians presented their latest advances of their research related to renal diseases.

This year Francisco Arjona and Anique ter Braake were awarded the second and third prize, respectively, for best abstract an oral presentation. Francisco presented his latest research on “The identification of ARL15 as a novel determinant of the renal handling of magnesium” and Anique described her findings of her research entitled “Dietary magnesium prevents vascular calcification but induces osteomalacia in Klotho deficient mice”.

Both these studies highlight factors related to advances in knowledge of the role magnesium in renal physiology and disease and were highly appreciated by the organization committee of the symposium.
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    Renal disorders

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Johan van der Vlag appointed as professor of Immunology of Kidney Diseases and Transplantation

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Martinus van Marum prize for Tom Schirris

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This award of € 12,500 is intended as an incentive prize for researchers who have obtained their PhD degree in 2015 or later. The jury, consisting of members of the Society, came to this decision unanimously.

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NWO Open Competition ENW - KLEIN grant for Jenny van der Wijst

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