Dekker grant for Vincent Aengevaeren

9 January 2018

Vincent Aengevaeren obtained a Dekker grant (140k euro) of the Dutch Heart Foundation. This competitive grant allows Vincent to perform his project titled ‘Measuring Athletes Risk of Cardiovascular Events: a follow-up study (MARC-II)’.

In this project he studies the effect of exercise on coronary atherosclerosis by performing cardiac CT-scans in male and female athletes. He aims to answer the question why very active individuals have more coronary atherosclerosis, how their plaques differ from less active individuals, and what the risk associated with coronary atherosclerosis is in these athletes. For part of this project he will visit the world-leading group in Sports Cardiology of prof. Sharma in London, to set-up a collaboration.

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Vici grant for Maroeska Rovers

23 February 2018

Maroeska Rovers, Professor of Evidence Based Surgery, will receive a Vici research grant of 1.5 million euros from NWO (Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research).

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Radboud Excellence Fellowship for Juan Rigalli

22 February 2018

To carry on postdoctoral research at the Dept. of Physiology for a period of two years.

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Haloperidol does not prevent delirium or improve survival rates in ICU patients Large-scale study shows commonly used drug has no preventive effect

21 February 2018

Prophylactic use of the drug haloperidol does not help to prevent delirium in intensive care patients or improve their chances of survival. Therefore, there is no reason anymore to administer the drug as a preventive measure to reduce the burden of delirium.

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ERC proof of concept grant Nico Verdonschot

20 February 2018

For the project BioMechMeniscus: A biomechanically driven, patient specific pre-planning and surgical tool to optimize placement of a novel meniscus prosthesis.

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Looking back on the matchmaking event of the Radboudumc Technology Centers

16 February 2018

On 15 January a matchmaking event took place, in which 10 national technological infrastructures were asked to present their organization and their options for collaboration in 5 minutes.

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Radboudumc successful in call Enabling Technologies Hotels

15 February 2018

The Technology Hotel concept entails that researchers (the guests) who do not have access to high-end technologies, can obtain access to these technologies and the connected expertise and infrastructure via a service-oriented facility (the Hotel).

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