1 October 2018

Sanne Frambach, Dept. of Pharmacology and Toxicology, theme Mitochondrial diseases, has been awarded the Dr. Leo Nijtmans grant to visit in March 2019 the Mitochondria in Health and Disease Gordon Research Conference in Ventura, California, USA.

She will present her work on how stimulation of cholesterol efflux improves the cellular redox state in mitochondrial complex I deficiency.

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Towards a better understanding of Leigh Syndrome pathology and intervention published in Brain

8 December 2021

Melissa van de Wal and colleagues recently published a comprehensive review in the journal Brain on how Ndufs4 knockout mouse models have been used to unravel the pathomechanism of Leigh Syndrome.

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New genetic defect links cell biology and protein glycosylation

10 November 2021

Peter Linders, Dirk Lefeber and Geert van den Bogaart together with international colleagues have recently reported on novel cell biological insights, by identifying a genetic disorder in syntaxin-5 which allowed to unravel a new mechanism regulating intracellular transportation.

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Martinus van Marum prize for Tom Schirris

3 April 2020

This award of € 12,500 is intended as an incentive prize for researchers who have obtained their PhD degree in 2015 or later. The jury, consisting of members of the Society, came to this decision unanimously.

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Tom Schirris received the Joep van den Bercken prize

23 June 2017

Annother accolade for Tom Schirris.

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Tom Schirris received the Prof. Van Zwieten Award

19 June 2017

For his doctoral thesis, entitled “Identifying on- and off-target mitochondrial drug effects by systems medicine”.

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