27 September 2018

The Dutch Data Prize will be awarded to a researcher or research group that contributes extra to science by making research data available for additional or new research.

The Dutch Data Prize is an initiative of Research Data Netherlands. Research Data Netherlands is a collaboration between 4TU Researchdata, Data Archiving and Networked Services (DANS) and SURFsara.

BLUEPRINT represents an EU-subsidized project to map data on the packaging of DNA (also known as epigenetics) in all types of blood cells. This concerns blood cells from both healthy people and people with various blood diseases such as leukemia.

Henk Stunnenberg, theme Cancer development and immune defense, was responsible for the overall coordination of the BLUEPRINT project.

The award ceremony will be organized 28 November.

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H2020 Grant for Frank Walboomers and Ronald Bartels

23 May 2019

Frank Walboomers and Ronald Bartels, theme Reconstructive and regenerative medicine, have received a € 500,000 grant for research into graphene biomaterials from the Europan Union Horizon 2020 FET Open programme.

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Innovation Grant Dutch Kidney Foundation for Jeroen de Baaij

23 May 2019

Jeroen de Baaij, theme Renal disorders, was awarded with an Innovation Grant of the Dutch Kidney Foundation. Jeroen's research proposal was selected from a competitive field of innovative approaches to treat kidney disease.

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Graduate school news Adjusted PhD guidelines

23 May 2019

It should be emphasized that the quality, and not the number of chapters, determines the assessment by the manuscript committee. To avoid the wrong emphasis on quantity, it is not recommended to have more than three publishable chapters in the thesis.

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Rob ter Horst in Dutch television broadcast Brandpunt Plus

21 May 2019

In a Dutch television broadcast, called Brandpunt Plus, Rob ter Horst, PhD candidate, theme Infectious diseases and global health, explains how he records data about himself and what he hopes to find out about himself.

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A personal touch of Jelle Zwaag

19 May 2019

In order to promote interaction amongst colleagues within RIMLS, we have a ‘personal touch’ series setting employees in the spotlight. A light-hearted manner to learn about the colleagues you know and those you don’t. This week: Jelle Zwaag.

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RIMLSpeaks Challenge for change

15 May 2019

The third edition of RIMLSpeaks entitled “Challenge for change" was organized for all our (j)PI’s in Huize Heyendael.

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