22 March 2018

Several newspapers, including Algemeen Dagblad, Brabants Dagblad and De Gelderlander, opened on 15 March with articles about the research results concerning the long-term effects of Q fever. The NOS paid attention to this research on Radio 1 and in the national television news, just like Hart van Nederland and EenVandaag.

Researcher and epidemiologist Ellen van Jaarsveld of the department of Primary and Community Care, was also guest at the news bulletin of Omroep Brabant. The widespread media attention led, among other things, to the fact that the research was also discussed in the House of Representatives. Ellen investigated the long-term effects of 2600 Q fever patients with several colleagues from the academic workshop AMPHI (infectious diseases). Especially patients with chronic Q fever experience an increase in symptoms over the years, says Ellen. Fatigue increases and quality of life decreases. In patients with Q Fever Fatigue Syndrome (QVS), the study shows, that patients up to 8 years after acute Q fever infection continue to have many complaints and physical limitations. The results of the research were presented on 15 March in Eindhoven during the final conference of Q-support, the foundation for patients with Q Fever.


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