19 December 2018

On 2 January 2019, the bi-annual call of NWO will open for entrepreneurial researchers. This so-called Take-off call focusses on the facilitation and stimulation of entrepreneurship at Dutch universities. The aim is to create new innovative business on the basis of knowledge generated during your PhD research at the knowledge institution.

There are two options to apply for funding:
  1. Take off I: in order to perform a feasibility study for your application, you can apply for subsidy of max. €40K.
  2. Take off II: for early stage development of your product, process or service, you can apply for a loan of max. €250K.  
Prerequisite is that your startup is registered at the Chambre of Commerce and characterized as an SME according to the SME-test. If you cannot meet this criteria (yet), you can always contact Mercator Launch to see how they can help you.
More information can be found here.