12 November 2018

The Stofwisselkracht Foundation raises funds for research into metabolic diseases in a sporting and original way.

Walinka van Tol, Federica Conte and Mohammad Alsady, theme Disorders of movement, received two Stofwisselkracht Foundation grants of 46.000 euro for research into glycosylation related neuromuscular diseases.

More information about the Stofwisselkracht Foundation (only in Dutch): link.

Mohammad Alsady (l) Walinka van Tol (m) Federica Conte (r)

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4 April 2019

In agreement with the existing policy the research board and Radboudumc Center for Oncology have decided to continue with the mandatory internal review procedure for KWF grant applications.

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In BMJ Quality & Safety Roel Boumans and colleagues from the department of Geriatrics showed that social robots may effectively and acceptably assist healthcare professionals by interviewing older adults on their perceived health status.

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Leon van Halder deceased

28 March 2019

We are deeply saddened to hear that Leon van Halder has passed away on 27 March. Until recently, he was Chairman of the Executive Board of Radboudumc. Only a few weeks ago, he stepped down from this position because of his illness.

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