9 April 2019

As of April Debby Gerritsen of the Department of Primary and Community Care has been appointed full professor ‘Well-being of frail elderly people and people with a chronic illness in long-term care’.

The chair, financed by the UKON, is a stimulus for the attention to well-being in this setting, where personal self-management skills are used as much as possible. As professor, Debby will focus on initiating and supervising scientific research, the education of researchers and co-shaping multidisciplinary networks such as research and innovation infrastructure, in particular the UKON. A specific point of attention will be the outlining of the elderly psychologist as an important factor of innovation in long-term care. Together with her colleagues, Debby focuses on questions that arise from the clinical practice of long-term care, such as the development, evaluation and implementation of interventions. The applied research methods are innovative and appropriate to the complex reality of daily practice. Evaluations of implementation processes are also a goal, based on the experience that implementing and maintaining innovations in long-term care deserve attention. Debby: "This focus on evaluation of implementation fits perfectly with the UKON, where implementation is one of its cornerstones". 

Debby Gerritsen is member of theme Healthcare improvement science.

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